What can you expect during your trial?

Welcome to MyGDaaS, you have successfully activated your trial. What can you expect during this trial?

We have provisioned you with a M604 cloud desktop, which is active for 8 hours. You can use these 8 hours sequentially or use an hour now and come back later and use the remaining hours to showcase to your colleagues. Bear in mind that your trial account is only valid for 72 hours since the moment you’ve requested it, thus make sure you’re testing the platform within this time.

To get you going, we pre-installed a set of trial software (Autodesk Building Design Suite 2017, ArchiCAD, Sketchup, MS Office, Google Chrome). As these applications are not meant to run in a trial mode on a virtual environment, it can be that they stop working when you reboot the trial desktop.

We also encourage you to read our Getting Started to get yourself familiar with our platform. During the trial, you won’t have all the functionalities available. But when the trial time is over, you’ll get the invitation to convert to a full MyGDaaS environment and unlock all features. Should you experience any technical difficulties or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email, write us via the chatbox available on the website or visit our support page https://faq.gdaas.com.

Your trial is hosted in our London (UK) datacenter – therefore, depending on your location, you might experience some latency. Use http://speed.gdaas.com to measure your speed and latency to our datacenter.

Keep in mind that within a trial desktop, you can install applications and upload data. But the data on that desktop will not be saved after the trial ends. (How can I transfer large data sets?)

MyGDaaS main product is our excellent GPU powered cloud desktops. Next to these desktops, we also offer storage, servers, vpn’s, and more. For these resources we don’t offer free trials. Contact our sales team through the chat and we can arrange an extended proof of concept.

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